A weekend trip to Amsterdam

It was a spontaneous decision to go to Amsterdam, but it was a nice opportunity to meet Adrian, Sarah and Marie once again, so here I went... Since the hostel was already booked by Adrian, the only things I mainly had to care about were finding the cheapest way to get to Amsterdam and back … Continue reading A weekend trip to Amsterdam


What else happened on our Scandinavia trip?

Finally, some more news concerning the hyggelig time we had in Copenhagen and Stockholm! There are a few reasons why it took me so long to come up with some more stories and especially why we ended up with only one audio log entry: First off, concerning the audio log, I want to be honest: … Continue reading What else happened on our Scandinavia trip?

ICC weekend coming up in Antwerp, Belgium!

You can now subscribe to the ICC weekend in Antwerp organized by ICC Belgium, taking place from November 2nd until November 4th. Whether you're a participant, a parent/professional or if you'd like to help out as a volunteer, feel free to sign up! To add a little teaser: the workshop "Traveling Abroad" will take place … Continue reading ICC weekend coming up in Antwerp, Belgium!

Visiting the Sightcity 2018

On Wednesday, me and a couple of colleagues and tutors from work traveled to Frankfurt to visit the Sightcity, the biggest international exhibition for blind- and visually impaired-specific products in Germany, and there were a few highlights I'd like to talk about... I visited the Sightcity the first - and last - time together with … Continue reading Visiting the Sightcity 2018