Hall Of Fame

This space is reserved to announce my special thanks to a couple of people and organizations I came across on my way so far. From time to time, this page will be updated. For now, let’s just consider this site to be incomplete and constantly under construction.

  • First of all, a special thanks goes to my lovely family for their support and, of course, for trusting in my abilities concerning my independence!
  • The ICC for a great
    youth-exchange, all the international friends I got to know and the experiences I gained, especially as far as independence is concerned! Furthermore, thank you for the opportunity to be a co-tutor in the workshop “Traveling Abroad” on ICC 2018, which was a great and new experience for me!
  • The English Meet-Up Group Marburg, especially for the opportunity to meet people outside the great Blista circle! The English Meet-Up Group is an awesome group of people I really learned to trust, and I am looking forward to future meetings! A special thanks goes to everybody involved in this group; you guys seriously deserve to be announced here! Keep it up!
  • ICC Belgium, for inviting me to the ICC Day to be one of the leaders of the workshop “Traveling Abroad” and the opportunity to support- and promote the ICC concept with their anual ICC days and other activities organized by volunteers!
  • Silke Vander Massen, for the great workshop “Traveling Abroad” which we organized at the ICC day in Brussels on March 31st, 2018 and on ICC 2018 itself in Zadar. Croatia!
  • Eddy Eyad, with whom we organized and lead the workshop “Traveling Abroad” on ICC 2018 together!


For donating, I’d like to thank the following people:

  • Markus Dembinski