So far, most of my site’s content is text-based. However, besides all the articles I have written and probably will still write up, I decided to start a different approach by setting up a podcast.

With this podcast, I am planning to keep you updated more regularly with audio and perhaps video I randomly catch on the fly (on trips, for instance), with off-the-cuff talks about certain topics or local activities, and whatever else I might find interesting enough to be featured in this podcast.

Listen on…

Podcast episodes

  • Episode 9 – a talk about independent living (1/3/2021)

    This episode features the voices of Maschenka and Pawel, good friends of mine who both went abroad due to their work and together we share our experiences about job- and flat-seeking, as well as getting settled in a new place.

  • Episode 8 – A talk about the online ICC weekend, session 2 (12/10/2020)

    This is the 2nd interview session about the ICC online weekend.

  • Episode 7 – A talk about the online ICC weekend, session 1 (12/7/2020)

    Thanks to COVID19, a lot of activities couldn’t take place. However, some activities went online instead, and so did this year’s ICC weekend organized by ICC Belgium! After the ICC weekend, I recorded two interview sessions with participants and staff members of this weekend to talk about how we experienced ICC Belgium’s online approach.

  • Episode 6 – The FeelSpace App (12/4/2020)

    This is a demonstration of the FeelSpace app on iOS and shall give you an overview of what the belt and the app together are capable of.

  • Episode 5 – NaviBelt Demonstration Part 1 (10/8/2020)

    Welcome to this 3-part demonstration of the FeelSpace NaviBelt! In this episode, I will demonstrate the features of the NaviBelt mainly available in the offline-mode.

    If you are interested in putting your hands on the NaviBelt, feel free to visit their website:

    episode5 – NaviBelt Demonstration Part 1

  • Episode 4 – Demonstration of MOIA (4/1/2020)

    Pawel tried out the MOIA app and booked a ride… In this episode we’ll explain how it works…


    I know it might be a bad time to post this, now that COVID-19 is giving us a bad time, but I hope you enjoy listening anyway and, perhaps, be able to take advantage of MOIA whenever you are in Hamburg or Hannover, in best case after things got back to normal.

  • Scandinavia Trip 2018 video (2/23/2020)

    I know, it’s been a long time I posted something Scandinavia trip specific, but better late than never…

    Obviously, no good trip is complete without at least a few photos, videos and/or audio recordings! We presumed it would have been a bad idea to put Julien, Moritz or me in charge of the filming. 😉

    Therefore, Silke took care of the filming and eventually, this is what came out of it!

  • #Audiolog: A talk with Pawel, April 7th, 2019 (4/11/2019)


    Pawel talks about his visit in Marburg and interesting things we came across.

  • Episode 3 – All About London (4/7/2019)


    In this episode I would like to introduce you to Robert, my Couchsurfing host during my stay in London. I recorded a little interview with him concerning his experiences hosting me and, last but not least, I can finally share some audio material I have recorded when Robert was showing me around the city.

  • Xmas Episode (12/26/2018)