So far, most of my site’s content is text-based. However, besides all the articles I have written and probably will still write up, I decided to start a different approach by setting up a podcast.

With this podcast, I am planning to keep you updated more regularily with audio and perhaps video I randomly catch on the fly (on trips, for instance), with random talks about certain topics or local activities, and whatever else I might find important enough to be featured in this podcast.

Click or copy and paste the following link into your podcatcher to follow the podcast:


Podcast episodes

  • Episode 5 – NaviBelt Demonstration Part 1 (10/8/2020)

    Welcome to this 3-part demonstration of the FeelSpace NaviBelt! In this episode, I will demonstrate the features of the NaviBelt mainly available in the offline-mode.

    If you are interested in putting your hands on the NaviBelt, feel free to visit their website:

    episode5 – NaviBelt Demonstration Part 1

  • Episode 4 – Demonstration of MOIA (4/1/2020)

    Pawel tried out the MOIA app and booked a ride… In this episode we’ll explain how it works…


    I know it might be a bad time to post this, now that COVID-19 is giving us a bad time, but I hope you enjoy listening anyway and, perhaps, be able to take advantage of MOIA whenever you are in Hamburg or Hannover, in best case after things got back to normal.

  • Scandinavia Trip 2018 video (2/23/2020)

    I know, it’s been a long time I posted something Scandinavia trip specific, but better late than never…

    Obviously, no good trip is complete without at least a few photos, videos and/or audio recordings! We presumed it would have been a bad idea to put Julien, Moritz or me in charge of the filming. 😉

    Therefore, Silke took care of the filming and eventually, this is what came out of it!

  • #Audiolog: A talk with Pawel, April 7th, 2019 (4/11/2019)


    Pawel talks about his visit in Marburg and interesting things we came across.

  • Episode 3 – All About London (4/7/2019)


    In this episode I would like to introduce you to Robert, my Couchsurfing host during my stay in London. I recorded a little interview with him concerning his experiences hosting me and, last but not least, I can finally share some audio material I have recorded when Robert was showing me around the city.

  • Xmas Episode (12/26/2018)


  • Episode 2 – a short talk after our workshop on the ICC weekend #1 (11/8/2018)

    This episode features the voices of my fellow co-tutors Silke and Eddy, as well as Alice, a participant from the UK whom I interviewed after our last workshop session and she gladly shared her opinions about the workshop.

    Silke and Eddy joined into our talk when we started to share our personal thoughts and possible concerns about certain topics we also mentioned during the workshop itself.

    Enjoy listening, and a little random question waits for you to be discovered at the end of the episode. 😉


  • Podcast Introduction (10/14/2018)

    podcast_introductionA short introduction to the podcast I have recently added to the blog to provide you with some audio content more regularily.

  • Audio log #1 (7/15/2018)

    We arrived in Copenhagen yesterday and are now finally able to share some stories with you about what we did the first one and a half days. Happy listening! log1

  • Introduction to Scandinavia trip 2018 (6/29/2018)

    We are planning a trip via Copenhagen to Stockholm from July 14th until July 20th, 2018. To get a feeling on what you can expect, be sure to check out this little audio file below for more details.

    introduction to Scandinavia trip 2018