MOIA accessibility improvements

Hey everyone! A little while ago, I posted an article in which I compared 3 ridesharing-services, one of which was MOIA. Back then, a lot of MOIA’s features in their app were inaccessible for both VoiceOver and TalkBack users. Booking a ride, for instance, was only possible by suspending VoiceOver/TalkBack and doing a swipe-gesture somewhere … Continue reading MOIA accessibility improvements

Comparison of ridesharing services

This is a top 3 comparison of some of the most popular taxi and ridesharing services I came across so far… #1: FREE NOW (MYTAXI) According to the website, Mytaxi (now “FREE NOW”) is available in over 100 cities in 9 European countries. However, although certain cities might not be listed, you might still be … Continue reading Comparison of ridesharing services

Visiting the Sightcity on may 10th, 2019

Vibrating belts, a pair of vibrating shoes... good lord, even our clothes become more and more multifunctional! Together with some colleagues from work, I visited the Sightcity on May 10th and there are a couple of technology improvements and companies I came across.   KAPSYS is a company specialized in accessible cellphones for blind and … Continue reading Visiting the Sightcity on may 10th, 2019