Some thoughts about the DotWatch

One little gadget I already own since January is the DotWatch by DotIncorporation I actually already stumbled upon last year at the Sightcity; however, I just didn’t notice it all the way until one of my colleagues demonstrated it to me.
The DotWatch comes with two buttons, two touch-sensors and a crown to access and navigate through the menus and, most importantly, with four Braille cells!
Not only does it therefore display the time and today’s date in Braille; it also comes with a stopwatch, a timer and, one of the most highlighted features, the ability to connect with a smartphone via low-energy Bluetooth to read push-notifications, receive or decline calls (the DotWatch does, however, not include a microphone nor a speaker for audible feedback), save memos to review on your watch later, a tool for Braille training, and lots more!
Plus, the battery life is astonishing! I think I Once used the DotWatch for at least three weeks until the battery status eventually reached 0%. However, when I went to sleep, I turned off the DotWatch which, I assume, also saved some battery.

I personally like the DotWatch, although it is still a little buggy from time to time.
Nobody could convince me to put my hands on a smartwatch and get rid of my tactile and mechanical Vostok; however, I like the idea of an actual multifunctional watch with a mini-Braille display. Furthermore, there is one particular thing Braille readers can’t do with a normal smartwatch: reading messages silently, and that’s where the DotWatch comes in play.
Granted; a pair of headset silences the smartwatch’s speaker, but I don’t wear headsets all day, especially not when I am on the go. Don’t ask me why; I just don’t like it too much.

For more information about the DotWatch, check out

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