ICC Newyear’s party number 3

Vienna? Again? No, not this time… 😉
This ICC Newyear’s party took place in Hamburg. Good for me, because it was just round about an hour away from my home.

As for this time, the only things that were different from other parties were the fact that we were only up to two partially sighted/sighted people this time; the rest of us was blind. But if I think it over, it was less difficult and stressful as it might sound.
Sometimes, we splitted up while shopping, and we ended up being three blind guys searching our way through the city to the central station to have a cup of coffee whilst waiting for the others. It went quite well, and occasionally, friendly people helped us getting around as well.

The rest of the party was – more or less – business as usual (some activities, finding places to get some food or souvenirs, etc.)
We booked a guided tour at Hagenbecks Tierpark especially made for blind and visually impaired visitors, as well as tour through the city of Hamburg by bus.
Of course, we continued our tradition from the past newyear’s parties! This of course included the game of Bowling, the prereserved dinner in a steakhouse, and last but not least, the booking of a conference room to celebrate on our own. And what would an ICC Newyear’s party be without a final dinner in a restaurant on January 1st? 🙂

All in all, the party was awesome and it was a pleasure as always to be part of it! Of course, only one partially sighted person and 5 blind people can be difficult to handle, but we made it anyway!
Therefore, I want to announce my special thanks shoutout to the following people:

  • Linus, who was a random guest of the hostel from Lausanne, Switzerland and together with his daughters, he was helping us getting around at the breakfast buffet in the morning. Thanks very much, you saved us from a lot of stress!
  • Henrike, a former classmate of mine during my first years of primary school back in Stade, who came over for the first two days to join and help us on our activities!
  • Adrian, who joined us for the second half of the event! He was also responsible for the two past ICC Newyear’s party and brought up the actual idea. Nice work!
  • Philip, for organizing the activities we attended in Hamburg!
  • And, last but not least, Sarah, for being our one and only partially sighted support who staid in Hamburg for the entire event, additionally being part of the organization team!

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