Delayed newyear changes

Hello there!

First of all, a happy, delayed newyear and all the best to all of you!


I did some major changes to my website I want to inform you about:

  • is now set as primary domain; you might have noticed it already when checking your address bar. As far as I checked, you can still access all the website’s content at, which also means that if you have already added the podcast feed, you can keep accessing it using the longer path.
  • I used to host my domain on Namecheap and mapped/pointed it to my WordPress site. As I don’t use my domain for anything else but my WordPress website and I found it a little inconvenient to manage things at two different spots, I decided to fully transfer over to WordPress, so everything is handled from one spot. Namecheap will initiate the transfer during the course of this day, so if you encounter any trouble viewing my website, try again later and drop me a line if it still doesn’t seem to work.
  • You probably already wondered about the category called “Allgemein”? I finally changed the name to “General Announcements”!

That’s everything for now, and my appologies for not keeping you posted for a longer time; I am currently focusing on my traineeship and some upcoming exams.

Anyway, thanks very much again for all the feedback and criticism, keep it up!

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