Positive change of Deutsche Bahn’s MSZ regulations

On Febuary 1st this year, Deutsche Bahn’s mobility service center (MSZ) has discontinued their support for certain public transport companies, so handicapped travelers had to contact those companies directly in order to arrange assistance.

Fortunately though, eversince March 21st, the MSZ started supporting all the public transport companies, so we can, once again, fully rely on the MSZ when it comes to assistance arrangements until further notice, no matter what public transport companies are involved!


Deutsche Bahn also offered a contract to insure future cooperation between them and all public transport companies and as long as negociation is still ongoing, we shall be able to arrange assistance with the MSZ wherever we go for the time being.


Although this is a positive development into the right direction, I’m afraid we need to monitor the situation closely, at least as long as the last word has not been announced.


Therefore, I will keep you posted as soon as I get any further information. I also keep my fingers crossed that all parties involved (DB, private public transport companies and the handicapped-related organizations) will come up with a solution which is convenient for everybody.


A German article by the DBSV can be found here:


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