This weekend: Zurich!

I’m sorry, chaps, I’ve obviously been following BBC’s radio comedy “Cabin Pressure” too much…
Anyway, Moritz and I have indeed been to Zurich this weekend to catch up with Marcus where we met some of his friends and checked out different places, typical Swiss products and Swiss food.

We came in by train on Friday after work, got straight away introduced to some of Marcus’ friends and colleagues from work who spontaneously invited us to join their annual ceremony (Little fun-fact: it was also Marcus’ birthday!) and have a typical Swiss dinner with them.

The next day, we went to Interlaken to check out the city, and we happened to stumble upon the Rolex store. God knows none of us really has the cash to buy one, nor is any of us in to watches that, depending on the category, cost almost as much as a 2nd-hand car.
Anyway, especially from our perspective, we were curious what makes a watch so expensive. As the worst thing the store’s staff could do was saying no, we just went in to ask. In fact, they offered us a chair and showed us a few models. The first two models were (as far as I remember), except for the band and a slightly less shiny look on the second model, equal. However, the first model was priced at 12000 CHF and the second one was priced at around 7000 CHF.
It was interesting to actually touch such a shiny, high-quality and expensive watch; however, firstly they were not accessible and secondly, even if they were, I trust my DotWatch which gives me the time and date, displays messages from my phone and comes with some other nice features and, most importantly, it is way cheaper and still looks well enough to be shown in the public. 😉

On our way back to Wädenswil (a place near Zurich where Marcus lives), we had a short stop in the mountains. Although we at least had around 7°C and it was sunny, we found the place covered with snow.
Also, I never thought that Switzerland was so big (in question). I thought it would be smaller, but in fact, we traveled 2 hours to Interlaken and it would have taken us up to an hour more to go to the French or Italian part of Switzerland.

On Sunday morning, we departed early in order to drop Moritz and one of Marcus’ friends off at the train station, after which Marcus drove me to the airport.
It really seems as if I am currently getting paid back for all the trouble I had in the past. Everything went just smoothly: I was picked up from the main hall, went through security and a few minutes later, they picked me up at the gate again to help me boarding the plane. Instead of one and a half hours, the flight only lasted one hour and I was out of the plane, retrieved my luggage and met Alexander (who picked me up in the main hall) around 20 minutes after landing!

It was a short weekend, but at least a longer stay at Marcus’ place, and I can only thank you, Marcus, once again for your great hospitality and time we spent together! See you next time!

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