Moved to Hamburg successfully!

On Tuesday, August 13th, I successfully moved into my room in Hamburg! Fortunately, because although the first day of my internship went very smooth, the departure back to Stade was exhausting… as if God wanted to tell me “You see? That’s why you should move to Hamburg as soon as possible”!
Due to technical issues on the track between Buxtehude and Stade, we stranded in Buxtehude, waiting for busses operating between Buxtehude and Stade instead. It was quite a challenge to finally hop on one of the busses (fortunately my mother traveled with me), because there was too less room for so many travelers who obviously all wanted to get home as soon as possible. After waiting for a longer time, we finally managed to get on the 3rd bus, but we ended up in a traffic jam. Great, now I know why the busses arrived so late. Traveling from my work-place to Stade usually takes an hour and a half but thanks to the mess between Buxtehude and Stade, we traveled 2 hours and 45 minutes. Seriously, I was so happy when I finally got settled in my new, temporary home in Hamburg Altona…

The flat which I share with my landlady is quite small (it is rather difficult to get lost really), and I got settled quicker than I thought.
In my free-time, I also already started exploring the surroundings on my own and tried to catch up with some people on Couchsurfing events or hangouts. We either met somewhere close to the nearest train or bus station or I made it to the place we were supposed to meet by myself (more or less) and I am impressed how well I managed, although, of course, I still need to ask my way through from time to time.
One thing I seriously have to remark is that I never really got lost completely, desperately looking for help that never came. So far, I somehow managed to find the way after walking around in circles for a while. Mostly, however, there were always people around realizing that I got lost quicker than I knew it myself and even if you pretend you are okay, it’s hard to fool them, but I do appreciate their help.

On Friday, I decided to take advantage of the ferry-service between Hamburg and Stade. Thanks to my project leader who described me how to find the ferry-docks at the fish market, I only had to ask for directions twice when I got off the bus and it was easier getting on board the ferry than expected.

Despite the trouble we encountered on Monday afternoon on the first day of my internship, it was a good start anyway. I enjoyed the first week in Hamburg and am thrilled to come back in the evening!

One thought on “Moved to Hamburg successfully!

  1. Hi Patrick,
    Again enjoyed reading one of your blog entries. Have a great day ahead and keep my fingers crossed for you in your internship!
    Best regards from Fargo


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