Status update September 2020

Well, I guess it’s time to post an update once again, after a longer silence.

First of all, I completed my IT salesman traineeship and moved out of my place in Marburg and eventually left the BLISTA after 13 years! As a result, I am currently looking for a job. Thanks to COVID though, it is a little more difficult, and I already spoke to a couple of companies who were actually interested in hiring me; however, they are currently working with reduced capacities and probably won’t hire new employees until everything is stabilized and back to normal.

This is for sure frustrating from time to time, but I managed to put myself together and keep looking for other opportunities.

One thing that definitely helps me is taking breaks and – especially during the weekend – get out and visit friends, but I mostly stayed in Germany rather than traveling abroad.

Secondly, I refurnished my website a little and moved the actual blog to a separate page and added some menu items to the menu.

I also received an upgrade for my FeelSpace NaviBelt and have been testing a new app for iOS which will also include different types of turn-by-turn navigation for the belt which I hope I can talk about more detailed in the near future.

For the time being, stay healthy and stay tuned for more!

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