“It’s December, the 27th!”

Happy 27th everyone!

A lot has happened during the past few months. To start off, I am back in Hessen. This time even more southern than Marburg, close to Frankfurt, as I got a job as a sales assistant near Darmstadt.

I found a flat way quicker than I thought, which gave me enough time to get settled in my new place and get used to the nearby surroundings and, of course, my way to work.

Now, I can proudly announce that I got settled in my home, cleared all the formalities (there are way more formalities to get clear of as a handicapped person when moving house) and, last but not least, that I am prepared to start working in early January!

Of course, I keep you posted about any future developments and might as well talk about my job search and flat search in more detail someday.

For the time being, I hope you have a merry Christmas with your loved ones and enjoy the last few days of 2020!


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