“The most miserable time of the year!”

There are many reasons why this time of the year can be considered as “the most miserable time of the year”; one of which is the still ongoing lockdown caused by the pandemic. Whether we shall especially blame the 5th of February for all that or not, this silly little tune cheered me up anyway. Nevertheless, as Monty Python say: “Always look on the bright side of life!”

Did I already mention that I love British humor? No? Well, now you know it for sure; but seriously, what would we be in times like these without humor?

Anyways, my first month of work has come to an end, and I am really astonished how quickly I got settled.

My colleagues are very friendly, open for new ideas and very helpful. Thus, I got integrated into the team quicker than I thought.

It also astonished me how smooth the train ride and the way to work actually is. In comparison to bigger places where public transport operates every few minutes, it is very likely that I meet regular commuters on my way to work and back home, given that there is only one train per hour. Therefore, it is easier finding the right platform and train when some of the regular commuters recognize me and offer to help me on the train (As mentioned earlier, Darmstadt central station is not known to be the most accessible train station). This especially comes in handy when I get off the train trying to head into the right direction towards the entrance of the train station.

A few weeks ago, however, it surprisingly started snowing really heavily, so it was rather difficult not losing track on the way to work, so I called up my colleagues who gladly picked me up and gave me a hand.

Actually, there is not really much to write about at this time. Traveling is limited but fortunately, a lot of social activities moved online, so we can at least meet each other this way.

For the time being, I’d say that I keep you posted as soon as anything new develops, and I wish you all a happy 5th of February!

Stay healthy!

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