Scandinavia Trip 2018 video

I know, it's been a long time I posted something Scandinavia trip specific, but better late than never... Obviously, no good trip is complete without at least a few photos, videos and/or audio recordings! We presumed it would have been a bad idea to put Julien, Moritz or me in charge of the filming. 😉 … Continue reading Scandinavia Trip 2018 video

The website of FlixBus in practise test

This is the English version of an article for the Team-Usability project about the accessibility of the FlixBus booking process. Hier gehts zur deutschen Version... Especially for people who cannot or are not allowed to drive their own vehicle due to their impairment, public transport is usually an indispensable part of their everyday life. In … Continue reading The website of FlixBus in practise test

My first FlixTrain experiences

Last weekend, I took advantage of FlixTrain for the first time together with a companion which booking process is a little different in comparison to bookings of Deutsche Bahn tickets. For those who don't know: FlixMobility GmbH first introduced FlixBus with a large fleet of long-distance buses operating on plenty of national and international routes. … Continue reading My first FlixTrain experiences

MOIA accessibility improvements

Hey everyone! A little while ago, I posted an article in which I compared 3 ridesharing-services, one of which was MOIA. Back then, a lot of MOIA’s features in their app were inaccessible for both VoiceOver and TalkBack users. Booking a ride, for instance, was only possible by suspending VoiceOver/TalkBack and doing a swipe-gesture somewhere … Continue reading MOIA accessibility improvements

I wrote an article for the HORUS magazine

Hello travelers! the HORUS, a magazine by the German association for blind and visually impaired people in studies and occupation (DVBS) covers different topics and is published four times a year. One of their main topics in this year's 2nd edition was the media mix in the 21st century and it features an article of … Continue reading I wrote an article for the HORUS magazine

Comparison of ridesharing services

This is a top 3 comparison of some of the most popular taxi and ridesharing services I came across so far… #1: FREE NOW (MYTAXI) According to the website, Mytaxi (now “FREE NOW”) is available in over 100 cities in 9 European countries. However, although certain cities might not be listed, you might still be … Continue reading Comparison of ridesharing services

Visiting the Sightcity on may 10th, 2019

Vibrating belts, a pair of vibrating shoes... good lord, even our clothes become more and more multifunctional! Together with some colleagues from work, I visited the Sightcity on May 10th and there are a couple of technology improvements and companies I came across.   KAPSYS is a company specialized in accessible cellphones for blind and … Continue reading Visiting the Sightcity on may 10th, 2019